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sportslogos.net missing logo thread


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Since FIBA is now added to the basketball section, there is one team that is not present. That team is my home country's national basketball team: Gilas Pilipinas. I hope that somebody can provide high-quality photos of the logos for the Philippines' MBT.










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21 hours ago, rattyrattera said:

May I ask - where did you find some of those older logos? And could you make similar helmet histories for other teams?


I just googled some of them, got some info from the helmet project website for others, and tried recreating some of them the best I could.  Some of them may not be exactly what they looked like, but they are close I believe.


As for other teams, I may be able to but it did take a bit of work to do the Idaho ones so I would have to find some time.  I just wanted to do the Idaho ones as I grew up in Moscow, Idaho watching the Vandals play, and I was hoping to help get the logo site updated with the Idaho helmets.  Thanks for the comments.



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Since this is front and center in the Logos board, I do have one suggestion: Including Champions Indoor Football under the "Indoor Football" section of the Football tab on the mothership. It's the merger between Champions Professional Indoor Football League and Lone Star Football League, shares Tier II with the Indoor Football League beneath the AFL while the main site hosts dead leagues such as the PIFL and the X-League.


I have most of the logos on file, including an expansion team tapped for the 2016 season.


Here are the logos, along with a few notes. Hang in there, it's a bit of a long post. Main reason being is that I just wanted to have all of the bases covered.


Champions Indoor Football: primary logo, 2015-present.

CIF League Logo.png


Amarillo Venom: primary logo, 2015-present.

VENOM graphic - color.jpeg

Amarillo Venom: secondary logo, 2016- present.

Insert other media 

VENOM graphic - black and red.jpg

Bloomington Edge: primary logo, 2016-present.


CenTex Fightin' Cavalry: Announced to join the CIF for the 2017 season.

CenTex Fightin' Cavalry.png


Gary Dawgs: 2015, never played. Renamed to the Illiana Eagles, who became the Chicago Eagles.

Gary Dawgs.png

Chicago Eagles: primary, 2016-present.


Chicago Eagles: secondary, 2016-present.

Chicago Eagles II.jpeg

Dodge City Law: primary, 2015-present.

Dodge City Law.jpg

Duke City (Albuquerque, New Mexico) Gladiators: primary logo, 2015-present. 

Duke City Gladiators.png

Duke City Gladiators: secondary logo, 2015-present.

Duke City Gladiators II.jpg

Mesquite Marshals: primary logo, 2016. Renamed to Dallas Marshals for 2017 season.


Dallas Marshals: primary logo, 2017-present.

Dallas Marshals.png

Omaha Beef: primary logo, 2015-present.


Salina Bombers: primary logo, 2015. Folded midseason, not connected to Salina Liberty franchise.

Salina Bombers.png

Salina Liberty: primary logo, 2016-present.

Salina Liberty II.png

Salina Liberty: secondary logo, 2016-present.


San Angelo Bandits: primary, 2015. Changed their colors for the 2016 season.

San Angelo Bandits 2015.jpg

San Angelo Bandits: primary, 2016-present.

San Angelo Bandits.jpg

San Angelo Bandits: secondary, 2016-present.


Sioux City Bandits: primary, 2015-present.


Sioux City Bandits: secondary, 2015-present.

Sioux City Bandits.PNG

Texas Revolution: primary, 2015-present.

Texas Revolution.png

Wichita Force: primary, 2015-present.

Wichita Force.jpg

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A few jerseys are missing from the OHL section:

Flint Firebirds home and away (worn since 2015/16)-




Niagara Ice Dogs home, away and red alternate (worn since 2014/15)-



Owen Sound Attack alts (worn in 2013/14)-



Oshawa Generals alts (worn in 2016/17)



Saginaw Spirit alts (worn starting 2016/17)-



I also noticed that a lot of the special even jerseys haven't been added in a few years. Is that because there are now too many to add, or has nobody just been keeping track over the last couple of years?

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