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sportslogos.net missing logo thread


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I've also been noticing that the North American Soccer section needs a massive revamp.  The USL logo still has the USL Pro shown.  The PDL also has their older logo shown.  There are teams in the USL section that don't exist like the Austin Aztex. 

I'm wondering if there could be use of a "Defunct League" section at this point for some of the sports, so there's a distinction between active leagues for all sports and those that have come and gone.  Just with the soccer section alone, you have MLS next to the original NASL then the A-League with the newest incarnation of the NASL below it, coupled with USL First, USL, and the always fun USSF Div 2 Pro League.  Maybe soccer could do with a pyramid style separation with "First Division" with MLS and Liga MX (which also is apparently using an outdated logo for the NA Soccer landing page) and the eventual CPL which looks like it'll be a Division 1 league but not MLS Division 1 (Canadian Soccer Pyramid is screwy), "Second Division" with the NASL, USL, Ascenso MX, etc etc and that could help apply to the other leagues around the world as well for soccer.  I'm rambling now.  Something to think about though

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U Sports (Canadian University) Football Vanier Cup. National championship game for University football programs. 


2017 - Hamilton, ON



2016 - Hamilton, ON



2015 - Quebec City, QC



2014 - Montreal, QC



2013 - Quebec City, QC



2012 - Toronto, ON



2011 - Vancouver, BC



2010 - Quebec City, QC


2007 - Toronto, ON



2006 - Saskatoon, SK



2004 - Hamilton, ON





2001 - Toronto


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