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sportslogos.net missing logo thread


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Philadelphia Phillies wordmark logo, 2019-present, and Citizens Bank Park logo with new wordmark, 2019-present. The Phils updated their script prior to the 2019 MLB season, and while the page reflects the new team logo, it does not reflect the new script itself or the accompanying Citizens Bank Park logo that also uses the new script.





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It blows my mind that there can be current threads that aren't even new and aren't on the site, and in some cases, changes have just been missed for years.


Example: the Cavs uniforms stop at 2017, and the Sixers says "2015/16-present" which doesn't reflect the Nike change that's been in place for years.  There's time to build annoying bots and make deals with absurd ad services to make money off of other people's IP and bake in viruses, but not to have someone mock up current uniforms for a site that claims to be "your virtual museum dedicated to education of the history of sports logos and sports uniforms"?  

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Florida State's College Vault logos and helmets have not been added yet. I tried my hand at recreating some of their more obscure helmet logos but I'm still new to vector graphics, so let me know if/how I can improve. I tried to match the colors with the colors on www.Trucolor.net. The dates on some of these are highly speculative. 

I'd be happy to try doing other schools but I only have College Vault vector graphics for Auburn, Clemson, and Nebraska




Also let me know if I missed any or if you have trouble accessing the folder

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The University of Idaho Vandals have also updated their brand and colors to include going back to the "Pride Gold" yellow!  I thought maybe the Vandals page could use some updating. ;)





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On 8/25/2020 at 2:13 AM, osctheg said:

Is there a reason that the English Premier League is completely missing?


On 8/25/2020 at 7:07 AM, JayMac said:

I think the Premier League does not allow for any use of its logos or its clubs' logos.

Yep.  They sent Chris a cease & desist letter. 

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The Australian National Basketball League hasn't been touched in close to 5 years. League has a new logo, two expansion teams have been added and logos have changed.


Adelaide 36ers | Logopedia | Fandom    Adelaide 36ers - updated before 2017/18 NBL season


Melbourne United - Slightly darker navy used in logo

Melbourne United - Wikipedia

Brisbane Bullets - updated colours (swapped maroon for blue for the 2017/18 season)

Brisbane Bullets - Wikipedia



South East Melbourne Phoenix - expansion team that joined the league for the 2019/20 NBL season


South East Melbourne Phoenix - Wikipedia


Tasmania JackJumpers - will join the league for the 2021/22 NBL Season. And yes, I know, JackJumpers. I dont get it either hahahaha

Tasmania Jack Jumpers Store | Tasmania NBL Team Merch Shop | NBL Store –  Official NBL Store




New Zealand Breakers - updated logo for the 2019/20 season - worst logo in the history of the league but anyway

New Zealand Breakers Jerseys & Merchandise | NZ Breakers Shop | NBL Store –  Official NBL Store


The Hawks - dropped the 'Illawarra' name before the 2020/21 NBL season and are now simply referred to as 'The Hawks'

Hawks Jerseys & Merchandise | Illawarra Hawks Shop | NBL Store – Official  NBL Store

National Basketball League - new league logo for 2015/16 season

National Basketball League (Australia) - Wikipedia


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