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[Bringing back the glory days] Minnesota Timberwolves (Home jersey)


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Hey forum! I'm trying to bring back the glory days of The Minnesota Timberwolves, the days of K.G. and Spree.

Here's the court which has elements from their 2003/04 season court and the actual court that they use right now.

Tell me! Should I do the jerseys as well?


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Sorry, but the trees need to stay green! I didn't incorporate one crucial thing on this court and that's the parquet. It doesn't jump out like the celtics parquet but it's about the details.

Oh and the script is updated.


C&C please and thank you!

Jerseys are up next.

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I made little changes to the court. Went back to the old color scheme with darker gray and green outline.

I made two versions to let you decide what court should be the final version. When i'm finished with this project, I will make a pretty presentation for you to enjoy.

V1 (two tone)


V2 (one tone)


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I can make it but I wouldn't like it posting it on this thread, because there wouldn't be enough green on it and cause I like the court having a good amount of green.

The jerseys will have green on it.The sole reason I started this thread is so I can bring back green trees to the Minnesota Timberwolves. B)

If you still want to see it with silver circles I can make it, but then you will also see that the green, again, isn't ''attached'' to the court color scheme.

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Dude I absolutely love the very first one you posted!! Love the trees too they add the perfect touch to the design. Either one or two tones work for the floor. But keep the lanes one color= blue.

Or you can try to emulate the Hornets hive from the late 90's and use the trees for the opposite keys with the blue paint.

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I think you should only make the top half of the circle green, it looks kinda akward and no one in the nba is doing that

Well the Pistons did it


I decided to go with one tone because the two tone courts seem to get a whole lot of hate on this forum and in general. So I will take your C&C and try to make a great final version.

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