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Pigmentum Personal Branding Package


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Hello All,

A few months ago I posted an attempt at personal branding at this link. It was a very bland and mundane attempt at creating a personal design image. If there's one thing I don't think any of us want to be as designers, it's predictable. So I decided to take some of the advice given to me in this thread and start from scratch. I knew I wanted to figure on pulling something from my past for inspiration and I remembered studying Latin and always thinking about how cool English words sounded in their Latin root. So I dusted off my old Latin textbook and came across the word "pigmentum" which was the root word for pigment. I decided to use that as a moniker and create an icon that was a visual portmanteau of the English words 'pig' and 'momentum'. It's a fun identity and I think stands out from the hundreds of other graphic designers using their monogram for a logo (nothing inherently wrong with that).


Thanks for the help and I look forward to sharing more as this develops!

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I like the name and the logo, too. No real criticisms, just a couple of ideas that you might want to test out:

-what about "italicizing" the logo, leaning more forward, to emphasize the "momentum" idea

-curl the tail around the other way to make another P

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