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Iowa Hawkeyes Yakball

Evil G

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To make the jersey look better, color in the stitching a slightly darker color than the rest of the jersey.

The numbers on the back should be bigger and preferably a block font. I'd center the logo and shrink it too. I'd take out the white in the striping (I made a hockey concept similar to it). Also there are some areas (near the NikeFIT) where there are some white pixels.

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Yakball is a sport raysox and some of his friends invented and played for a period of time before the wall they played against got torn down. It is a fast paced European handball type sport where the goal is a square on a wall at one end of the field.

The sport became widely popular on these boards after raysox' brilliant series and was (unofficially) adopted as these boards own sport, something unique that no one else has. This also resulted in quite a few people trying to start their own sport.

I'm not sure if it is still running but there was a website if you can't find that search for the original raysox thread

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Can someone send a link my way or briefly describe Yakball to me? I'm very curious.

Here. It's really fun to design, and when I don't have any inspiration for hockey, this is what I do. Some of my concepts are here.

As for the design, it's certainly getting better! I might add that striping onto the socks. Move the numbers up, make the numbers smaller on the front and shorts and bigger on the back. The numbers on the back should be centered on the back too. I might add a yellow collar. Keep it up, it's really looking better!

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