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Nike Elite Football Uniform Action Template


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The white numbers on the first pic look to dark, but other than that I honestly have no complaints. great job!

not sure why the first one would look to dark but the second does not but I will look into it.

any other issues some of you veterans see.

this would be a PSD template.

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Make the gloves and cleats editable. Also, the helmet isn't very glossy, its almost matte. No idea how to fix this, but it would make the template more realistic.

This x 1,000,000

Sorry that is much farther than I would like to edit (gloves & cleats) so if someone else wants to do it feel free when I release it. If you look at the pic it is not very glossy so that is the reason mine is like that but I might be able to adjust it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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