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App. State WTF


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R.I.P. To probably the best head logo in the state. It'd be okay if they didn't just abandon the now old branding and kinda used this as a secondary, but this may be the worst college branding decision this year.

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For those that don't know, the logo first debuted in 1971 and lasted to about 1981. The original version from the 1970's in my opinion looks better than this newer redrawn version the came out last year for the throwback deal. Also the original logo was just one color (black) and the skin was empty negative space.

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I'm in the minority, but I love it! I'm imagining it on a hat or t shirt. I'm a sucker for 2d cartoon logos though

I have a hat, polo, t-shirt, and 1/4-zip pull over of this old logo. It looks much better than Gordon's Fisherman on clothes.

However, I prefer to wear the Block-A, and wished they would clean Vintage Yosef up and maybe a slight cleanup of the Block-A.

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Sometimes I look at the Youth Marks and wonder if they're actually better:




These logos would work perfectly as cereal box mascots, for some reason. I wonder what type of cereal does this smiling guy endorse.


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