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website design, again


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Here are a few ideas:

-The image slider is more of something that would appear on a full website, not a blog. The slider kind of takes the thunder away from your posts.

-I'm not sure what purpose it serves to display the current time and date on the top of your blog. That might be something to put in the footer (if it has to be anywhere), but not on top.

-On some posts you post your full article and on others you have a "Read more" link that goes to a static blog page. I suggest you choose one or the other for all posts. Either post a short blurb (shorter than the ones you have now) and a "Read more" link that goes to the page with the full article, or just go ahead and post the full article for all posts.

-Slot the archives in reverse chronological order (i.e. newer posts on top).

-Don't have your email address be a live link. You could get spammed doing that. Deactivate the link and/or set up a contact form.

-The "older posts" and "newer posts" links could be bigger.

-The extra footer in the body (the white one) could be eliminated. Move your logo into the navy footer, either on the left or right side. Move the navigational section in there also, posting the links in a straight horizontal line. Move the "More from BRays Baseball Talk" section to the right column.

-Increase the font size for the word "days" in the Opening Day countdown image. Also, see if you can find that Opening Day logo with either white, gold or Columbia text.

-Instead of a standings section, it'd be better to display the current standings in the right column of your blog. Or, you could just display the Rays' current record and games back/games ahead in the right column and use that standings section for more detailed standings.

I hope this helps.

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- The image slider is one thing I love about my site. I want my site to be thought of as more than just a blog so that plays in to my favor.

- I wanted that at one point but now it just looks out of place so I have removed it. Looks much better now.

- I try to decide what's approprite in each instance. Full article if it's short or "read more" if it's longer. Think I should only do one or the other? That's gonna leave either really long pages or really short blurbs on the front page.

- I just changed that to reverse this morning, so done.

- I've now implemented that contact form. Been wanting to do that for while, glad I finally got it done.

- I'll look in to that, will have to dive in to the template's code.

- Again I'm gonna have to dive in to the template's code, I'll look in to it. I removed the white footer for now.

- The Countdown "days" text is on the image and I'll keep that in mind for next year because it's really too late to re-create 11 images.

- I might do your second suggestion here.

You suggestions have been most helpful. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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