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2014 FIFA World Cup


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Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Italy in Group D. USA will have a tough time getting out of Group G with Germany and Portugal to contend with.

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It's a group of nightmares for the Americans. Each of these teams have either knocked them out in the Knockout round or have embarrassed them in the group stage.

One team that is laughing their way to the bank is Argentina. Having the Group of Cupcakes is the best thing any team can ask for.

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Croatia and Cameroon are far from "jokers". Plus Mexico has to play Brazil. That's not an easy group.


Worst travel schedule as well, according to this article about the crazy travel inequities.

This best summarizes the gift Mexico got, and the curse the United States got drawn into:

"And a summary of the positions that appear to have a good chance of enjoying the best overall conditions during the group stage."

Position Distance Avg Range Comp. Days

A3 662 85 2 30

C1 932 81 13 29

E2 1,092 75 13 28

D2 1,411 82 11 29

A3 is----------------> Mexico

"And the positions that you need to be worried about after your country’s name has been drawn from one of the four pots."

Position Distance Temp Avg Temp Range Comp. Days

G4 3,482 86 6 27

G2 2,823 84 11 27

D1 2,886 81 14 29

A2 3,429 82 18 31

G4 is----------------> United States

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I'm having visions of Cristiano Ronaldo turning, flying down the right flank... He receives the ball, looks up, and the lone defender between him and the United States goal is DaMarcus Beasley.


Someone hold me.

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There's no doubt that the US fell into a terrible position. Mexico may get more favorable travel, but those teams they have to play are solid; no walk in the park there.

Sometimes when it comes to this board I have to shake my head when you guys post about soccer.

Hush up, road cone. ;)

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Ok first off, the FIFA seedings are strange today the least. No one has any real confidence in the FIFA rankings, no disrespect but Belgium, and especially Switzerland as seeds? C'mon. The knockout rounds are going to be a minefield.

That being said, when you are the USA, you're almost bound to get a tricky draw. That's part of the deal with not being seeded. So don't, please don't, announce every four years, that you are in The group of death. And FWIW England's isn't much better. Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Ah well, at least no one in England will be getting optimistic!

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