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Fixing The NFL My Way (Final album added)


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Final Album: http://imgur.com/a/HCGVW#0

raCATRf.pngqfefOwT.pngIZxUyF4.pngnrTMjHV.png0pXGZBf.pngtX22Z7H.pngZVrcVac.pngcWZOjYC.pngFor Dallas' White Jersey, I just fixed the stupid pants

For Dallas' Blue Jersey, I mirrored the white jersey with the away colors

For NY's Home Jersey, I brought back the red, I put a triple stripe on the helmet, the helmet logo is white with a red outline, white pants, no ny logo on jersey

For NY's Away Jersey, I mirrored the home jersey, but with blue pants and red socks instead of blue

For Washington's Home Jersey, I moved the stripes from the cuffs to the sleeves, consolidated the helmet stripe, and removed the word mark from jersey

For Washington's Away Jersey, I mirrored the home jersey

For Phily's Home Jersey, I brought back the Kelly Green with some stripes on the sleeves and socks

For Phily's Away Jersey, I mirrored the home jersey

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My only suggestion is for the Cowboys. Unify the blues. And then a minor grip I've always had about the Cowboys uniform is the black outline on the sleeve stripes on the home whites.

Other than that I think these are great.

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hooch is right; you only fixed one of the many problems with the Cowboys. Having both royal and navy blue is unnecessary. The black outlines on the white jersey stripes don't fit in either. Also, you have three different stripe patterns: the helmet, the jerseys, and the pants. I can be convinced that the jersey stripes don't need to match the others, but there is no reason why the helmet and the pants don't match.

For the Giants, soild. Match up the pants stripe and the helmet stripe, and you've got a good concept.

For Washington, I'm not a fan of the sleeves. Having the stripe up that high is making the TV numbers too small. If you want that stripe on the sleeve, do what the Chiefs and Bears did: move the numbers to the shoulder. Also, change up the socks with the burgundy pants so it won't look like a unitard.

Eagles look mostly great. Again, match the pants stripes to the sleeves and socks and it's great.

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