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My Dream MLB TV Schedule


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American Television Schedule for Major League Baseball that I would love to see are the big four networks; ABC, CBS, FOX,& NBC. It would be just like in the NFL, although ABC is own by ESPN so of course they would use ESPN graphics. So, here's what it will be like in my mind: the American League would have CBS (like the NFL has CBS for the AFC teams), while the National League will have NBC. FOX and ABC will do both the All-Star Game in alternative years and the Game of the Week in alternative weeks, while the World Series will be broadcast by all four networks alternatively and respectively.

And now my favorite part of this: the themes!


MLB on CBS Theme (1990-1993)



NBC Major League Baseball Theme (1986-1989)



Was going to do ESPN's Baseball theme, but decided to do the 1983-1988 ABC Baseball theme.



MLB on FOX Full Theme (With All Main Cues)


And there you have it! My dream MLB TV schedule. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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