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Holmes' NFL Series (Jerseys Only)

Jack Holmes

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I've been working on these on-and-off since September. Just finished adding the TV numbers to the sleeves and only now do I feel I have a complete series. Full uniforms (helmet, socks and pants) may come later.

Originally these were just for me but now that I've completed the jerseys, I feel like receiving some feedback.

I'd like to also thank Conrad for his fonts. I'm using quite a few of them, and I don't know if this series would exist if not for some of those fonts. So, thank you Conrad.

Edit: The complete album can be viewed here

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arizona and atlanta are to similar

See, they would have but that is why I removed all black from the home away. The alternates are similar, I'll give you that.

With, Baltimore I understand they look sparse. I really ran out of ideas there and ended up giving them the TCU treatment, which admittedly I like. I was going to put a logo on they sleeves but chose to remove it because I don't like logos on football jerseys. I'll look into reworking it.

The rest should be uploaded tomorrow. My internet is shaky.

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