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United States Lacrosse League Selects Flynnagain Productions As Brand Developer

Brian in Boston

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The United States Lacrosse League, a new American professional box lacrosse circuit with teams to be located throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, has chosen Keith Flynn's Flynnagain Productions as their exclusive brand developer.

To date, Flynnagain Productions has designed logos for the league, as well as the USLL's first member-franchise - the Maine Moose Trax.



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The league shield is very sharp, clean, and uncluttered. The Moose Trax logo is clever, and though I hate the use of X to make things seem XTREME!!!! I understand why they did it. Seems like this will be a good looking league if nothing else. Hopefully they're successful.

I would guess that the use of X is more playing off the common LAX abbreviation of the sport than the 90's X-TREME fad.

Both of these designs are very well done, though I would have liked to have seen something other than a plain blue outline of the player in the league logo...

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For some reason all I see when I look at the Moose Trax logo is the old New Jersey Red Dogs from the Arena Football Legue in the 1990's. While it's not a rip-off to the letter of the law, certainly it was no doubt a major inspiration.


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