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Labatt Blue Columbus Blue Jackets Cans


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Being a huge Labatt Blue fan, as well as the Blue Jackets, here is what they have in stores right now. Suppose to be 3 cans in all. Here are the two I have collected so far. Labatt doing this for any other teams?

Front of can 1, their regular sweater:


Back of can 1: Primary Logo:


Front of can 2: Their alternate sweater:


Back of can 2: Alternate logo



Looks like the third can is going to be the road jersey.

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Very cool. Can you see the sublimated logo on the home version better on the actual can? I can hardly see it in the image.

I know some teams have custom (well, their logo/color on a template) cans at the stadiums. I'd guess that some local breweries probably do something along these lines - the Orioles have custom National Bohemian cans.


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