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ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

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I went to 3 high schools in 3 different states, but the first one was the only one I played football at (freshman year). Back then, this was the Great Oak Wolfpack's primary logo:


After I left, they got contacted by the University of Nevada and asked to change their logo or risk getting sued, presumably because of the similarity to this one:


Although Nevada's legal team was sure on top of things to catch that potential violation from a high school that hadn't even existed more than half a decade at that point.

The temporary solution was to switch to the initials logo you can see here (same uniforms that used the previous logo, basically):


And then they switched to in my opinion a very classy looking wordmark logo:


Lately, though, it seems as if they've had a total redesign, resulting in this helmet logo:


Out of all those looks I have to say I like the "Pack" one the best. Not so much featured in the current look, though, and what is probably the main point of this admittedly long post, is that their latest redesign seems to have been all-encompassing, and resulted in these monstrosities:


I realize that you're handicapped to begin with when you're designing logos for a school named Great Oak that doesn't have any sort of tree iconography or colors and is instead some red, white, and blue pack of wolves, but what happened? The cartoon wolves have way too much linework, rendering them hard to distinguish from afar. Maybe one of them would have worked, but definitely not the three of them, and the whole swoosh idea, which conceptually might make sense to suggest action and create a sort of yin-yang balance within the circle badge, just turns out to look bizarre. The new initials logo has one of the weirdest Gs I've seen, much more like a C. And, weirdly, although the primary logo from this set is used on the school's web site, I don't see any connection between it and the current helmet logo. Am I being too harsh, or what do other people think?

that's Stoney brook
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Here's a terrible picture of my alma mater's logo:


And the logo that was used more prominently in athletics:


Though they also unfortunately dabbled in plagiarism and stole Washington's logo. I remember it most notably being used by the golf and tennis team:


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here's my alma mater's football helmet, which you might have seen in one my old signatures. The left is the old blue they used. I'm pretty certain they've update to a more royal blue, similar to the one on the right.

I'm not sure this eagle head is based off of any other HS or pro team. I did see on maxpreps that they have used a the Philadelphia Eagles logo in a blue and gold color scheme. However doing a quick image search for Oak Grove Eagles, there are a number of newer and/or "unofficial" logos out there.

Oak Grove Eagles (San Jose, CA)


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My high school in Maine:

Hampden Academy Broncos


We've had it since the late 70s. Some don't like it because it looks like it's taking a giant dump over the block HA, but its better than using some stock logo or the Denver Broncos mark.

Our two big rivals have nice originals as well.

Bangor High School Rams


Brewer High School Witches


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My high school used to ripoff the BC logo when I was a student there in the early 00s.


recently, I joined the alumni group on FB and noticed this new logo, it appears to be original -- and I think pretty good.


Brewer High School Witches

Is that a broom or a foot?
Better question: Why does the black stroke cross in front of the crossbar of the B?

The B looks like the old Bentley College B


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This is my former High School's logo which I believe is original.


It has created a pretty good academic and athletic logo package in my opinion.



This has almost entirely replaced the use of the Atlanta Falcons Primary logo and has replaced the altered SF Giants SF logo on everything but the baseball cap.

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You learn something new every day. Willow Canyon HS (Surprise, AZ) had its logo done by Todd McFarlane (sorry for the long bump I just caused, but this is worth it):


Holy cow is that terrible. It looks like it's about to cry.... it's already moaning!

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