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North American Handball League


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What do you mean by "Monsteurs"?if you mean Monsters, in French we say "Monstres"

Thanks for the correction, for the record I didn't do so well in French in High School

No offense. Where you took your inspiration for the names and the colors?

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I'm about as excited for this as you can be, but there's no artwork yet with an unproven designer, so it's not too high. I'm still looking forward to what you got though. But first a few suggestions:

I'd shorten Baltimore to Claws, it comes off as cleaner and less busy.

Follow what mhamel said about Montreal.

I'd change Milwaukee's name to Clippers, if you don't know what it was you can read this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milwaukee_Clipper)

I'd change Arizona's color scheme to a yellow/orange. Red/Blue doesn't really give off the name "Firebirds" well.

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