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Oregon State Hockey Concepts


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This past week, a somewhat rare snow system came through the Pacific Northwest, dropping several inches in Corvallis. I figured it was as good a time as any to finish off my current concept: Oregon State Beavers hockey sweaters. Currently, OSU doesn't have an ice hockey team of any kind, as there is no facility in the area to support an ice rink. Sad, as it would be awesome to see them go up against the University of Oregon's club team.

Anyways, here are the concepts... I posted them on my Twitter account, and got a ton of support for them after the OSU equipment manager retweeted them. Thanks to Conrad for the fonts!




Clearly, the primary sweaters are inspired by the current football jerseys. The alt is a '60s inspired fauxback, complete with retro Benny Beaver in a roundel logo. The font is Athletic Gothic, and the player is Terry Baker, the only player to appear in the Final Four and win the Heisman Trophy.

Any C/C is always appreciated!

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Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback! I'm glad the fauxback was so well-received. I had reservations about the white nameplate over the stripes, but seemed like the logical route to take. And raysox, I've been on these boards (and prior incarnations of these boards) for a long time. I've seen your work. Your compliments are greatly appreciated!

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