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Sup dorks? So the biggest project i've done in the last few months is the creation of a simulated hockey league. It's simple. I bought NHL 04, which my friends and I will modify to have completely custom teams, players, rinks, etc. The teams will be even setting up parity in the league. Every team gets an overall 99, two 95s, three 90s, and the rest will be 85s. We'll put the teams in the game and sim a season, recording the games, and posting them online. Got it?

Well it's going to be a whole YouTube channel. I started a sim stock car racing league this summer, and that will be on the channel too. You can follow the twitter here, and our website here.

ANYWAY, if you're gonna have a league, you're gonna need logos and jerseys right? We have an 8 team league(which we plan on keeping, so please don't suck up to me and try to get in.) I do need help with some photoshop jerseys and recording help, but I'll post about that later.

Calgary Wranglers
Chicago Stars

Detroit Chiefs
Los Angeles Rogues
Minnesota Lumberjacks
Ontario Beavers

Pittsburgh Ramparts

Raleigh Saints

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Detroit Chiefs

For Detroit's team, my friend wanted an art deco style look. he sent me a lot of pictures of buildings in Detroit. One he showed me had an Indian head with a headdress. He settled on the team name Chiefs and I ran with it. I made a symmetrical headdress with my go to feather logo. He wanted the colors of Detroit City FC, so I hooked him up as well. The jerseys are simple, a classic striping pattern, with a yoke, and some chevrons n the ends of the sleeves. The alternate is similar to the Habs set, but have multiple stripes and a roundel. I think that's it!


So please tell me what you think about the Chiefs and the project, and help us grow.

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Very nice Detroit set. Has a bit of a Blackhawks feel to it, which is definitely a good thing.

The league logo looks nice, but I wonder why the three stars?

No reason, just to fill space. But it's funny because my friend is a Red Wings fan.

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Been off the boards for awhile, let's see if I remember how to do this....

Alrighty, so I'm in this league too, And I saved Mr. Raysox some time by creating my team's identity myself. He's also allowed me to share my team with you guys.

I present the Chicago Stars.

I wanted to play off of the Chicago flag since I like the color scheme and I ended up using the flag as the main inspiration for the identity.

I also thought I was being unique until I was about 90% done with the jerseys and someone brought to my attention the "Chicago Red Stars" women's soccer team.

The stripes on the home and away go up at an angle up the arm, similar to the new Stadium Series jerseys in the NHL.


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Here is my team, the Pittsburgh Ramparts.

I wanted to break away from the norm. Every Pittsburgh team is black and gold, and while I like the continuity of that and the color scheme itself, I wanted something different (I wasn't even gonna choose Pittsburgh at first). After mulling over many names, I realized all my best Pittsburgh-based names I have used before (Natives, Ironmen, 58'), and Michael wanted us to use original names, so my ideas of honoring past Pittsburgh pro teams (Shamrocks, Hornets) were shot down. So I got inspiration from the Quebec Ramparts. As some of you may know, Pittsburgh started as a series of French and British forts at the forks of the Ohio river (the largest and last being Duqesne and Pitt). So I decided to do what seemingly no Pittsburgh sports team has done is pay homage to this early era of our history. So the Pittsburgh Ramparts (a rampart being a fortification) were born. The third jersey is a throwback to one of the many jerseys worn by the Pittsburgh Hornets. For the logo I wanted something simple and geometric. Something that would stand the test of time and look like it might have already done so (like the Hawks, or Rangers, or Leafs). I wanted a triangle or fort shape, but Michael came up with the idea of a keystone - a classic Pennsylvanian symbol. So the simple logo of a P within a keystone was born.


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Los Angeles Rogues

This is fellow board member ChuckDownfield's team. His take on the team would be a shark logo with a rogue shark as the logo. I was skeptical at first, but started looking at shark logos and ran with it. Purple and black were the colors he choose, then we added a hint of red. The uniforms are pretty basic, just matching patterns on the sleeves and yoke. My favorite is the alternate. That was a lot of fun to make, and it'll look good in game.


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