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WCHL (Fantasy Hopefully Reality)


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This is something I posted on hfboards a while ago. Maybe the league wont happen but this won't stop me from creating any jersey concepts!!

What if the 3 major leagues in the CJHL combined? Just an idea.

What about a new league?
My suggestion is to form a Western Canadian Jr. A Hockey league, similiar to the structure of the WHL. This will allow Junior A players to play against the best and be in the eye of both College and professional scouts on a daily basis.
I will supply more details about 20 yesr olds, inter-locking schedule, etc. later, but here is a quick look at "POSSIBLE" innagural teams in this new league

North Division
Penticton Vees
Prince George Spruce kings
Salmon Arm Silverbacks
Vernon Vipers

South Division
Chillawachk Chiefs

Langley Rivermen
Surrey Eagles
Wenatchee Wild

East Division
Brooks Bandits

Canada Under 18 Team - Calgary based team
Fort Mac Oil Barons
Okotoks Oilers

West Division

Camrose Kodiaks

Drumheller Dragons
Grand Prairie Storm
Lloydminster Bobcats

North Division
Battleford North Stars
Humboldt Broncos
Melfort Mustangs
Notre Dame Hounds

South Division
Yorkton terriers
Melville Millionaires
Weyburn Red Wings
Estevan Bruins

Why would the teams join?
This will be the Elite Jr. A country in Canada. Winner of our league will face the USHL champion.

Attendance is going down. Fans/advertisers want to see and support a better product. New league will attract larger fan base.
New league-larger fan base - increase financial support from National brands/advertisers.

There are some questions, but, I think we can all agree that the status-quo is not working.

Time to think outside the box. I look forward to the debate or maybe your approval of this new league.

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Anyway on to the concpets. Each team will get 4 jerseys.

Anway ill start with the Prince George Spruce Kings. With the rumor mill spreading that the Cougars will be shipped out of town the Kings will move in to the CN Centre. Onto the jerseys right now they just use Ranger jerseys so i wanted to stay with a classic feel but not have direct copies of New York. %7Boption%7Dhttp://s1079.photobucket.com/user/16kid16/media/OkotooksOilers.png.html?sort=3&o=1[/image]

I'm having trouble posting the image right now ill try again later

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Thanks for the comments guys :) yes it is lopernv I originally had Manitoba on the list but I thought that would be horrid for travel. Tis the reason I left the Bombers and there timeless hockey tradition out of it, just travel nothing else. Any other location they would be in here for sure. Sohiosportsfreak I to agree with Langleys look and the vintage white, I just wish they had a slightly different template, so it's not a jackets duplicate.... Also guys I should have mentioned this earlier but the left is the home and away and the right is the two alternates.

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It's all about fan support right? Okotoks has good fan support and a nice arena.. Also Edmonton has very good support with the Oil Kings. This league is supposed to compete wth the WHL and vise versa.. It wouldn't be fair to both teams.

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It's all about fan support right? Okotoks has good fan support and a nice arena.. Also Edmonton has very good support with the Oil Kings. This league is supposed to compete wth the WHL and vise versa.. It wouldn't be fair to both teams.

I can see the logic behind this but what about Victoria? I know they have the Royals as well as the Grizzles. In all honesty they can support both and are supporting both. If you were to include the Grizzles, I would suggest you change the name to the West Shore Grizzles as they play out of the West Shore area of Victoria and cater more towards the Western Communities part of town.

Also, what about Nanaimo? The Clippers have a strong following there and could definately contribute to this league... Infact a few of the Island teams could do fine in this league (Duncan and Port Alberni as well)

Not trying to intrude, just throwing my opinion out there... Looking forward to the rest of the series by the way and Prince George looks pretty sharp. Don't think you can do much with what they already have. Even though they do use the Rangers template, it is a look that works well with the Kings.

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Actually Kiwi I agree with everything you say.. Victoria does have enough fan support to be financially stable in this league for sure but again it's just because they do have the Royals.... So with other cities being able to support a franchise... I just figured to leave them out... Secondly with Nanaimo this is where PG Cougars come in.... The last I heard from the WHL news and such is PG will be out and Nanaimo would be in.... That's the only reason I left them out... Lastly with Port Alberni, I did originally have them in but with news with Wenatchee coming to the BCHL next year, I figured it would be no problem to jump to the WCHL... It is to bad though because from what I have heard the bulldogs have some of the best fans in the BCHL, but somebody had to be out.

Just finishing up the final touches on Lloyd, will be up tonight or tomorrow depending if I can get the image to work or not.

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Well since I still get that extension is not allowed on this community here is the link for Lloyd http://s1079.photobucket.com/user/16kid16/media/Bobcats.png.html?filters[user]=127958076&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

Right now the Bobcats just have Blackhawks jerseys similar to the ones of PG. I wanted to give a modern look for a modern team.. what better way to make it look like tiger stripes.

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