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Raysox's US Soccer 2030- Football Manager Mod


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Edmonton Drillers
In 2016, FC Edmonton was in trouble. They were not playing good ball and the team was put up for sale. Speculation was they would move to Las Vegas. An Edmonton business man who believed in Canadian soccer bought the team after the 2016 NASL season. His first action was pick up Canadian national team players that were unattached, and rebrand as the Drillers, the former NASL team name. In 2017, the "Canadian Four" took the team to their first winning record in team history. With confidence from that positive season, the Dwayne DeRosario managed National Team finished 3rd in the Gold Cup and 4th in the Hex, qualifying for the World Cup with an aggregate win against Iran. The Drillers had a down year playing without their biggest stars in 2018. The next year, the team made the playoffs for the first time, with 7 Canadians in the starting XI. For the next 5 years, the team focused on their academy system, and Canadian talent. They would sell the National Team players they had to bigger clubs, only to pick up younger talent with the same money. In 2024, the team's support was busting out of Clarke Stadium. The owner bought up the ground where the old Oilers arena was. The 15,000 seat "Legends Stadium" helped the team grow to their current level, a mid level NASL team with their eyes on a bigger league.


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Fixed the Edmonton story, thanks AC

FC Birmingham
The Hammers started playing in 2017. The team Bought up Regions Park, which had hosted NCAA Soccer Cups in it's history, but with the Barons moving to a new ballpark, it had no regular tenant. The owners converted it into a 15,000 seat soccer stadium. The beginning was somewhat rough, not having a great team with not a lot of support. The academy system was set up when FCB bought 3 local clubs and merged them. A former MLS coach took the reigns and rebuilt the team. He started with the midfielders, who he considers to be the most important part of the game. After the 2019 Gold Cup, a Cuban striker and Goalkeeper defected to the US, which were picked up by the Hammers and began playing in the NASL that same summer. The club only has 3 winning seasons, but the team is near .500 each year, and the manager is a crowd favorite because of his charity work. With the knowledge of possible promotion, the owners doubled the payroll budget, which might get them to the show down the line. This logo was done for a guy who was trying to land a Birmingham team. Unfortunately that fell through too, but I really liked the Icon I made, which has the spear from the Vulcan statue, and a hammer for the industry. The front is just a simple gradient design, and the back has diamond plate pattern.

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New York City FC

NYCFC became a team in 2015. The sports super powers of the Yankees, and Manchester City had one goal, to make sure this team didn't fail. The year before they debuted, the Red Bulls won the MLS cup. This would spur the soccer giants into wanting to compete. In the 3 seasons at Yankee Stadium, the team would only win half of their home games, due to the lack of atmosphere. In 2018, the team built a new 25,000 seat stadium a block away from Yankee Stadium. With the new arena, and increasing quality of play in the MLS, Manchester City would youth and reserve players during the summer to play in New York. When this happened, and the Yankees' started buying the best free agents, the team would dramatically increase the quality of play. The Red Bulls took this as a challenge from their noisy neighbors. Head to head match ups became the most watched games on Friday Night Kickoff, the weekly ESPN prime time game. The arms race between both teams would draw the best players in the country to come play for both sides. City would have trouble winning hardware though. In the 15 year history, the best City would do is a runner up to the MLS Cup in 2022, losing in penalties to Portland. They can compete year after year, but chocking in the playoffs is their downfall. To be honest, I've done this concept before. I didn't change the logo any from this summer because I liked it so much. The uniforms are light blue with pinstripes for both owners. I wanted a classy clash, so white and navy was the call.

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Boston Revolution
Playing in Foxboro, the New England Revolution had the building blocks to contend. A playoff run in 2013 motivated the team to make 4 playoffs in 6 years. With Robert Kraft's death in 2018, the team was bought by the Fenway Sports Group, who own the Red Sox and Liverpool. FSG found a location for a soccer specific stadium in a place a proposed "New Fenway" was considered. For two years, the team played in Foxboro, then moved downtown and rebranded. The Boston Revolution was the new name, due to the new central location. The team mirrored Liverpool's playing style and continued to build a contending team. The Rivalries between the Revs, and City became very bitter, with the Red Sox/Yankees connection. In 2028, the Revolution finally won their first MLS Cup, beating Chicago 2-0. The team does have some young talent and heritage that makes them one of the tougher teams to play against. I really wanted to rebrand this team. I played around with the crest and I eventually decided on a logo similar to the Scottish team Motherwell. The primary is a crossing sash, like a Revolutionary War soldier. I think Berlin Wall had a similar concept, but I didn't see it until after. The clash is hoops similar to what the USMNT should wear.

Tomorrow, I will post two natural rivals.

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