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NBA Sleeved Jersey Concepts

Fifty8_Black O

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Hi all,

This has kind of just been a fun project over the last few days of of work. I tried to make some sleeved jersey concepts that actually use the sleeves to enhance the design of the uniform instead of just...being there. I know it's mostly just lipstick on a pig but I thought it at least can make the sleeved jerseys fun, much in the way the clippers and t-wolves have used theirs.

These jerseys are meant to be fun, often a mix between uniform eras (in the same vein as Cleveland's Cavfanatics unis). Because of that I used a template that is also pretty fun. I thought it was a pretty cool template when I saw it in the PSD movement thread and have wanted to use it for a while and it really fit the feel of these concepts. I know it's not the perfect template (doesn't show side or back views) but you can use your imagination on most, and when you can't I'll try and provide a side view.

So without further ado, here are the first two concepts:


These are clearly inspired by the gradient 90's jerseys. Toned it down a bit and went wordmark-less on the top moving it down to the shorts.



Irish rainbow inspired, the shorts are most remnant of the old jerseys. Used the current wordmark minus the bevel and slanted it a bit like the old wordmark.



Used "The City" on the jersey and warriors down the side of the shorts. The bridge cable stripes are moved to the sleeves.


Let me know what you guys think. I've got a few other teams done that I'll post soon. Thanks!

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