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So, I know quite a few don't like the NHL chrome treated logos, but for me personally they're kind of cool and I wanted to attempt to replicate this effect for my phone and desktop wallpaper. Then it got me thinking that I could create chrome logos for the "Big Five" bowl games. So I opened gimp and spent about a month ago and have since been trying to get the effect like the NHL. I got close, but nothing exact. However, I discovered type of chrome effect that looks cool, and dare I say cooler than the NHL chrome logos. Just one problem, I have been able to remember what I did to get the effect or at least what steps and in what order I used to get the effects I wanted. So I thought I'd post the different versions and maybe someone here can help me figure out how to get the effects again. Once I figure it out, I can create chrome logos for any team and pretty much any sport for those that would like one of the logos. So here it goes:

Starting with the NHL Chrome treated logos. The one on the left is the original, while the one on the right is my attempt at recreating it.


I have an idea what to do to make the right side closer to the left, but smooth edges seems to be the biggest culprit of affecting the logo as a whole. I have used Curves in gimp to smooth edges but it doesn't work all that well.

Anyway, moving on...

The following set was discovered by messing with settings. All three look cool to me, however my favorite is B with A a close second. I know that for A and B I used a metallic look, but don't remember the settings.


I've been messing with settings trying to get the effect in logo A and/or B and so far, nothing seems to work like it did. I'll keep working at it, but if anyone has suggestions or solution they would be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah I'm taking requests. Just know that I'm still working out the kinks and trying to make sure the effects come out at least somewhat similar to A and/or B. Hopefully it's just a setting or two that is off.

JJ - Thanks, I'll take a look and see if that helps.

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I prefer the look of A to B. The semi circle going across the face of B is too obvious for my liking.

Yeah - I don't think the shine semi circle is needed as much as I though it was at first.

Now that the NFL regular season is complete, I'll start working on the requests and post em when they are complete. Also let me know what you want the logos for (iPhone, desktop, profile pic). I'll start with the size of logos in the posts for now.

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OK, here's the Cardinals, Falcons, Sharks and Buffs. Cards, Falcons, and Sharks are just logos. Buffs is a chrome on a black 1920x1080 Desktop.


Here are two different versions for the Falcons. Couldn't decide which one to pick, so here ya go :)





I'll keep working on the others. When requesting, if you have a png file of the logo you would like chromified, that would be the best. JPG's are also okay, just a little longer to alter due to the blurry spots some of them have.

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