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NHL 3rd Jersey Series - 27/30 (Winnipeg)


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What's up everybody, I've been working on this new series lately, and have gotten half-way done with the entire league at the moment, so I figured why not start posting a few concepts at a time.

With this series, I had a few goals and ideas that I wanted to fulfill. Firstly, I believe the NHL needs more color, diversity and creativity (not the stupid kind of creativity that we see from Reebok). Some teams (i.e. the Hurricanes) look bland and uninspired. Taking into consideration what each team is currently wearing today, I wanted to create an alternate uniform that would fit well with the two primaries, look good on the ice, and build off of each team's branding. First off, we have....

Anaheim Ducks (1/30)


Buffalo Sabres (2/30)


Carolina Hurricanes (3/30)


Any comments or criticism is always welcomed. I can take requests for teams to do in order, but I may have already finished them! Fire away

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Dude...I need this template. Kudos to you!

Sabres I would add some silver or blue to the hem of the jersey. Nothing fancy, just a border maybe.

Detroit is great, no changes.

Columbus is just about as good as you're gonna get it, maybe a shoulder patch?

Nice so far, looking forward to the rest!

Dude....seriously though, I need that template haha. (I know it's from NHLuniforms) but you did a great job tracing it.

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use the lightning bolt behind the script

I can already tell you that won't look good at all

They're looking good so far, but many people on these boards love hem stripes. Add some nice pre- reebok hem stripes to Colorado and they would be golden.

Yeah I know, I'm gonna go back and edit that once I'm done with this series. The plan is to use these concepts as base for new primaries for each team..

Any feedback on the newer concepts posted? Dallas, Florida, Edmonton, Minnesota and Ottawa are the rest of the teams I have done. Any requests for the order of the teams remaining?

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