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Caribbean Football Union relaunch logo


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This was the 2012 logo:


It was used for some years before 2012 but I don't know since when.

This was the 2013 logo:


It was to celebrate the '35th anniversary' of the Union's formation.

This is the new logo for 2014 onwards:


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Very good improvement. The old one was terrible... this was extremely satisfying. Captures Caribbean culture very well. Let this promote more Caribbean players to stay in their own damn league and let Americans/Canadians develop in the MLS without the speedy islanders taking the money and resources out of the MLS.

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There's some text about the logo on a video released on youtube:


With our new logo comes a re-commitment to our continued support of this vision as played out in the colours in the logo design...

The blues are representatitve of the Caribbean Sea and the bright skies of hope.

Yellow and orange signify our vibrancy and radiance reminiscent of the Caribbean sunshine.

Red represents our passion for the game and the Green is our continued growth and expectations of prosperity and success in the future.

The 31 stars will be representative of their members.

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