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Milwaukee Admirals


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As I've stated plenty of times before, I really do not care for the Admirals' current identity, to the point where it's prevented me from wanting to attend games. They had a great look for a minor league hockey team in the 80s and early 90s; but every rebrand has been a downgrade since then, and the most recent rebrand tossed out an identity that had 36 years of cache behind it. My concept is aimed at recapturing some of that old IHL glory, and bringing back one of the greatest sweater deisgn elements of all time IMHO... the anchored stripes.



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You gotta clean up that white concept; there are splotches of grey paint in it and the socks are 75% gray and 25% white.

UGH.... I just now saw that when I'm looking at it on my macbook. It looked fine when I did this on a PC.

Fixed it now.

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I think the older style was better as well. The new takes away from the history of Milwaukee minor-league hockey.

Agreed. The new look would be fine if they were a new team in 2006, but you don't just ditch almost 40 years of history.

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