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Elece's BR Basketball 2019

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Yes, I had no better idea for the title of this topic, so I gave a little "plagiarized" in the title that Raysox are using it in the series of football. Anyway, let's do a little background, and then dive headfirst into the concept ...

I am Brazilian, and of course, do not run away from the cliché, soccer is my favorite sport, but handily, I basketball as second passion. And despite my team being the reigning champion of the NBB (our annual competition of the sport), I can say that this competition gives me SHAME so disorganized, and in all aspects, from the dispute, even the uniforms and logos (which is what will work here). Move forward in time a bit, to the not so distant year 2019. The Brazil won the silver medal in the sport in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and, realizing that he has talent to go far in basketball, resolving to organize the sport in the country, and resolves "copy" the American NBA mold, and assemble the "Liga de Basquete" (Basketball League).

All teams participating in the NBB would have to change their names, and logos, starting for style franchise. The league would be reduced to 16 teams, divided into two conferences (North and South), each with eight teams. Teams from each conference would play each other 2 times, and once against teams from the opposite conference. The top 4 from each conference would qualify for the play-offs, which would be made by mixing the two conference teams in a playoff, even the title of the "Liga de Basquete".



Curitiba Snow Patrol

Botafogo White Stars

Campinas Relâmpago

Rio de Janeiro Downtown

POA Cavalheiros

Goiânia Country Club

Brasília Candangos

Vila Velha Villagers


Porto Seguro Navegantes

Olinda Defensores

Manaus Green Forest

Rio Branco Comet

João Pessoa Guardians

Boa Vista Travellers

Arapiraca Falcons

Leões de Sobral

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sounds great. Can't wait to see' em.

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