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NHL De-Edge Series


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I am going to be doing a De-Edging of all 30 teams' primary jerseys. I may include a few specialty jerseys also, we'll see. I won't be doing these in any particular order. Comments and/or criticism are more than welcome! Thanks for viewing this too!

The first set of jerseys tonight is the Tampa Bay Lightning. I feel their look now is too simple and copies the Red Wings too much. I also dislike their current logo too, and I think black needs to make more of a presence.



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Not bad, but

I feel their look now is too simple

This jersey is, again, a little too simple. With a name like the Lightning, there are so many opportunities to make the jersey look more "out there".

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It's pretty good. I would say that the stripes your using are to common, ( this is also a little simple, so evil g is right. blow us away.) And the blue should be electric. Those things aside, nice! It's nice to see you again.

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Thanks for the feedback! I'll work on it and post an update. For now, here is the Sabres.

I don't like the use of silver in their jerseys, and the alternate is garbage. I kind of came up with a simple "traditional" pattern that I think would fit the Sabres well, and an alternate that is based on the alternate from 2011ish.




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Playing devil's advocate here. So you ditch the Lightning unis because the team resembles the Red Wings too much. Yet changing the Sabres from their unis to a Devils knockoff?

I do see your point, however I was planning on making the Devils in some sort of throwback-esque jersey to the Christmas days. I feel that the striping pattern on the Sabres jerseys I have created is simple and traditional, something the Sabres could use.

Here is the Penguins SS Jersey De-Edged:


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