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Help Wonka out with Basketball


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So I'm not that huge for designing basketball jerseys or anything. If anyone knows my work they probably assume hockey jerseys. The thing is, I'm not just only a hockey lover. I love football just as much as hockey. I do like designing basketball and baseball. The problem with basketball and baseball is that I'm not that knowledgeable on jerseys. What is liked, what is disliked. I obviously know the great and the terrible, but jerseys like the Suns, or the Pistons..I'm not sure how those are portrayed with fans. I did a basketball jersey tonight to try to start widening my concepts. I hope I did justice.

I don't think this is a thread I'm going to put tremendous amount of time into yet because I'm getting started, but this is where I need your help.

I'll post some concepts now and then. Can some basketball designers give me tips with the ones I post. Like what I could do better, execution notes, numbers, script placement.

Just to wrap this up I just have to say the reason I like designing hockey jerseys more than other sports is because I feel you can do much more designing a hockey jersey than any other major sport. Oh well, here is my first attempt at trying B-ball.


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Also, if anyone has other templates for basketball and baseball that I could start using that would be awesome. I thought this template was decent, but I would like to try out others to see if I like them better. Thanks!

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