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Super Bowl alternage logos 2010-present


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I know the NFL switched to the generic Lombardi trophy logo in 2010, but weren't there also some alternate, original logos (much like how each SB had its original logo before '10) that they used for merchandise/stadium signage? I recall them being posted in a thread here on this board before but couldn't find it.

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There were also the regional logos, which are the same as the formal logo, but they include the stadium. This logo is only really used locally for generic super bowl merch.

I think they dropped the "formal logo" this year. The one with the stadium and skyline is the only one I've seen used.

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I've seen signs with this logo at New Jersey Transit RR stations.


Yeah this style of the "XLVIII" is what I've seen around a lot in both Manhattan and on merchandise in the area. Kinda like a "Broadway" feel to it

Yeah I've been seeing it a lot too. Honestly tempted to pick up one of the hats - seems Navy, Powder and Gold are this years colors, love it a lot.

Anyway, that logo always reminds me of this logo:


There are complete alternate graphic sets for each year - thematically based on the host cities.

One of these days, I'll get around to posting some of them.

Please do! I'd love to see them.


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