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Fantasy Football Idea


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So, everyone in my league bickers about how H2H is too unfair. ...and how All-Play is too boring... and how Victory Points just isn't right for fantasy football. Without any adieu, here is my idea.

You put together a league of eight teams, a superleague.

Every team drafts 14 players. Each week you play a doubleheader against one team. It's based on paintball's race to 2. For each game you must start different players. Since our league voted out K and DT, I propose 1 QB, 2 RBs, and 2 Receivers (we combine WR/TE). This puts your starters each week at 10 and 4 on bench so to say. So, back to the weekly doubleheader. If you win 2 out of 2 you get a win for the week. If you split 1 to 1, then the total score in both of your games breaks the tie. Whoever wins the tiebreaker, wins for that week.

This goes on for 14 weeks, you play every other team twice (or basically four times). The top four teams in Winning Percentage qualify for the playoffs (with head-to-head record, then head-to head points being the tiebreakers).

The playoffs run exactly the same, each week you race to 2, with the same tiebreakers in the event of a split.

With this concept it adds a different way of playing H2H to where 9/10 the best teams will win out. Plus, where each week you are doubleheading against the same team it adds a lot more rivalry to it. It also adds a lot more strategy to it. Do you stack one of your teams and hope they blow out the other team so bad that you come away with the tiebreaker, or do you start a Peyton Manning with a mediocre RB/Rec crew?

Your thoughts?

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Thanks Nordiques.

There has to be some new way in fantasy football that is fun, yet takes out a lot of so called "Schedule luck"

I've been racking my brain trying to figure it out. Maybe this is the answer, maybe it isn't. There has to be some new way that no one has thought of yet.

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You speak a good point. Going by what the owners have told me, and my own accord.... after a season is done you go back and re-do the schedule and it makes you think What If and the luck of schedule pops in.

Might pass my idea along to the owners and see what they think. I think I may have accidently stumbled onto something.... Like the guy at P&G who forgot about the Ivory soap and accidently made it bouyant lol.

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