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Very clean. I like the blue/white combo, and the script/sans combo in your logo are refreshing, as well.

A couple of criticisms, one is personal preference, but the other two are more usability:

- As Brandon said, the works page is a bit cluttered. I think you're also missing an opportunity by not having the screens on the home page link to the works page (I'd probably just make the entire object a link). Ultimately, you want people to view your work and hire you to work for them (I'm assuming) -- think about the user's path there. Right now, there's not a clearly defined path to the conversion point (contacting you). I'd make the works page easier to get to. You should also get a PHP contact form set up so it's easy to make that happen.

- The kerning on the all caps type is very tight and which makes it tough to read, and a bit visually heavy for a subtitle.

- Personal preference thing: You've got a very cleanly designed site, but the way information is presented feels very overwhelming. The about page, for instance, is rather lengthy. I think you can definitely get the same amount of information in there in a more visually appealing way, and you should definitely put a photo there -- it's about you, after all. People connect with faces, not words :) A basic slider (I'd recommend LayerSlider or Slider Revolution, both $10, but they give you a lot of layering/movement freedom) might work a little better with the visual theme of your site than the iMacs, too.

One other thing that may be worth considering is using some toggles or columns for your resume, so it's easier to sift through the names and information, and nothing gets lost below the fold (the rest of your site does a very good job of this).

Overall, a lot cleaner than many personal sites I've seen before. I think a couple tweaks will really make this thing stand out!

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