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Various NFL Concepts


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Over the years, I have created a number of concepts for NFL teams. These concepts were all created in Paint. I am aware that the templates used to create these are bad, but I don't want to spend a lot of time changing templates. Therefore, please limit comments to the concepts themselves.

Some of these concepts are not really things I want to see on the field, and a lot of them are really out there.

REDSKINS: I went back to their classic colors and retro spear logo.


SEAHAWKS: I based the uniforms on the Seattle city flag and took silver and white out of the color scheme.


TITANS: I replaced red with copper and made liberal use of the flame motif. In retrospect, this is not one I would want to ever see.


JETS: I changed their colors to a double green and gave them a new logo inspired by their 1963 plane logo.



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JAGUARS: The first Jaguars uniform, with the jumping jaguar, was awesome in my opinion. Since then, they have gradually gone downhill, culminating in the mess they have now. I just returned to the original idea.


EAGLES: In spite, I destroyed all trace of black and midnight green and gave them a scheme of bright kelley green and silver. The uniforms are clearly inspired by Oregon's uniforms, but with Chip Kelley there now, that might not be a bad thing.



COWBOYS: I'm not really sure what I was thinking on this one.


CHARGERS: Shield your eyes. I replaced blue with "thundercloud purple." It was okay in my head, but it really looks like an eyesore on paper.


Colts: I just made a couple minor tweaks. The pants stripe is a double stripe.


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DOLPHINS: I think their current uniforms look boring and sterile. I gave them a new wordmark. They have two jerseys. The white jersey is the primary home jersey, and the other is an alternate throwback that would be worn a couple times a year. The reason for this is that the white jersey didn't translate well to a teal jersey.




RAVENS: I went back to their unused logo and changed purple to burgundy. The uniform shoulders are lifted from the University of Maryland.



PANTHERS: I've always wanted to see a USFL Michigan Panthers-inspired helmet for Carolina.


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