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UNC Football Redesign


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So I decided to redesign the Tar Heels football uniforms. I was not at all a fan of the new jerseys this year, especially the tacky font and the black. I wanted something more traditional, yet bold. I took some inspiration from the Ohio St. Pro Combat jerseys that have over-sized sleeve stripes and numbers. Also, although I love the argyle on the basketball uniforms, I think it has been done to death on the football concepts, and never in a way I absolutely love. So here it is. Also, I you can easily imagine white and navy pants to round out the set. C&C welcome and appreciated!




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I think it's very difficult to make a good UNC uniform. They certainly haven't done a very good job of it in their history...

The UNC uniforms in the early-to-mid 90s (Mack Brown years) were pretty good...the uniforms up until 2013 were not bad... They haven't all been awful by any means.

Anyway, to the OP, put the number on the right side of the helmet, and put the state on the left side, with a NC-in-a-circle logo in the middle (like at the Dean Dome). As much as I hate the number on one side, logo on the other side design, this could work.

And oh yeah, take off the NFL Equipment logo on the pants. Haha. Move the NC logo to the left leg.

ATolly66's idea isn't bad either.

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