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Iron Crossover - judgement poll xvi


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my vote will come tomorrow...my computer is acting erratic since it took a shower compliments of the upstairs tenants...I don't wanbt to risk opening multiple windows...

by the way, when is June 31?

it was dark. I misread my calender. so sue me :P

I fixed it though, as to not confuse anyone

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Snivelling assistant- ladies and gentlemen after days of careful thought, saintsfan has asked me to deliver his votes, man it was close though!

1st pittunited

2nd shmee2k6

3rd puckguy

(mind you saintsfan has not voted for an iron crossover winner yet, so what would he know!)

Saintsfan *from off stage* Oi I heard that!

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Here's two cents worth:




I'm still crying because I did'nt get mine finished and entered in time.Think that may have been my best concept to date,and all for naught cuz I was foolin' around with my new toy,AI10.If you havent seen it it's on a thread on pg2 of this forum.Cant wait til the next Iron Crossover,the Robbman will be ready.Oh yes...

he WILL be ready!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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