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forsyth (mo) fball uniform concept


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Forsyth Missouri high school is in the process of starting up a football team, and I thought I would do a uniform concept for them. on another note below I posted a artists rendering of their football field that is going to be combined with the baseball field/stadium with both having field turf, in my opinion they are trying to be cheap by not building a new football stadium and this just looks ridiculous and like their old wrestling program I give it surviving less then 10 years. first is the proposed stadium and then the uniform concept.



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Where's that F on the helmet come from? Is it a secondary logo they use? Just comparing it with the font of their full wordmark, which I prefer

The F looks like the one that Florida uses:


and the Panthers script is from Georgia State:


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I think the pattern on the jersey looks pretty good. just can't see much, sense it's high school. I think it's really strong. djam's right though, don't use knockoffs.

Does that apply to words, too?
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