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trying to start a college bball court database


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I know that some colleges change the look of the basketball courts to keep up with but I like the look of a lot of the courts, so I thought it might be cool to start a college bball floor database like the NBA one, but it would definitely need the help of the rest of you members and isn't just division 1 but ALL college levels if you wish to submit other schools. To start it off I give you Missouri State's JQH Arena and a photo of the actual floor,,,,



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Don't know how old the graphic is, but it doesn't quite match the photo.

1. JQH Arena logos should be the same angle, not facing different sidelines.

2. "The Valley" logos are flipped. Bottom should line up on free-throw line side, not toward baskets.

3. NCAA 3-point lines not shown, only NBA 3-point line.

4. Coach's box lines are missing.


1. Basket arc is too big, should be smaller and have more space to side of free-throw lane.

2. Missouri State logos are a little distorted (maybe too tall), and should be closer to the baseline boundary.

3. Dashed lines above Missouri State logos are missing (photo/cheerleader/personnel boundary markings).


You realize that there are over 300+ teams in Division I alone, right? Add D-II, D-III, NAIA, and other leagues, and you're looking at over 1,000 teams.

Quite the undertaking.

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If you're going to make a respectable database...you have to pay attention to detail. I highly doubt you looked at the picture, then looked at your court, and thought "Yep, they look exactly the same". There are too many mistakes.

See slapshot's notes, plus why do your Valley logos have white outlines when they clearly don't have them on the real court?

Check out Weatherman's and kodrinsky's NBA courts threads in the Concepts section, and see how 99.999999999% of the details are accounted for.

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