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Shield and Swords


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So for those that follow me, you might have remembered my Cranthem flags - yeah will that was a while ago. I'm still figuring out what story I want to tell, so I've been procrastinating by creating some visual items to help get the creativeness flowing again. I created a shield and sword:

full size


Here's the breakdown:

Iron Shield: Created with a template I had, and then bump mapped it, and a beveled it a little. Then put a metal texture on it and added a marble texture to create an Iron look.

full Size


Sword: Created from scratch in Gimp. Used some pattern overlays, and some shine/chrome effects for the crossguard. The hilt is rounded rounded metal with a marble stone decorative interior, covered with leather grips. The blade is steel. Can't get the blade to look steel-looking without it looking flat.

full size


So - the shield while cool, I feel like something is missing (but I can figure out what), and the gold border seems off to me.

Second I also want to make another shield that's more the shiny steel looking.

This shiny steel is also what I want the sword to look like (similar to the following one that I created a while back):

full size


The hilt of this sword to me looks kind of like steel, but don't remember how I did it.

C & C would be great. Looks good, but want to clean both the shield and swords up a bit.

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