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Super Bowl XLVIII


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Some interesting facts about this matchup:

  • This matchup would not have been possible during the 1980s; both teams were in the same division, the AFC West.
  • The Broncos and Seahawks have met in the playoffs ONCE- on Christmas Eve 1983 in the AFC Wild Card round. The Seahawks obliterated the Broncos, 31-7, and.......
  • It was the first year with Chuck Knox at the Seahawks coaching helm.....
  • ......the first year for John Elway in the NFL.....
  • ......and the first NFL playoff game played in Seattle.
  • Also, two game shows premiered on different networks in 1983: $ale of the Century (on NBC), and Press Your Luck (on CBS). Thought I'd throw in the last one because I'm also a game show fan.

And on that note....... this is now the All-Marijuana Bowl. Who woulda thought that I'd live to see the day where this would happen?! :D Life is crazy sometiems.....

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Oh man, the Super Bowl patch is going to look horrible on the front of the Seahawks jersey.

Agreed - When will NFL finally drop the traditional Roman Numeral thing? After all, they went with fairly boring, corporate sameness logos for a few seasons, but left in the Romans.

This XLVIII is about the ugliest combo you can have - of course my limited knowledge doesn't have the other combos handy to compare/display!

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The refs uniforms for the game. ;)

I don't know, man woman. If there was any truth to NFL officiating conspiracies, the better story-lines suggest the officials would be in the Broncos corner I would think

I was only joking because my team has been aided on multiple occasions by the refs to include tonight's game.

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