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JD's Super Bowl XLVIII Trivia Round I


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I. Who was the owner of The New York Yankees Football Club?

II. What was the Last NFL game played at Yankees Stadium before being renovated?

III. What was the only NFL game ever played at the renovated Yankee Stadium?

IV. What was the only post NFL merger era playoff game played in New York City?

V. What was the last NFL game ever played-for now- in New York City?

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I. There were five football teams with that name...but the NFL team was owned by CC Pyle.

II. September 23, 1973, Giants vs. Eagles (ended in a 23-23 tie)

III. Stumped there...

IV. December 27, 1981, AFC Wild Card, Jets vs. Bills at Shea Stadium (Bills won 31-27)

V. December 10, 1983, Jets vs. Steelers (Steelers won 34-7)

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III. What was the only NFL game ever played at the renovated Yankee Stadium?

Because Shea Stadium wouldn't allow the New York Jets to play in the facility until after Major League Baseball's Mets had completed their season, the Jets played their 1976 NFL preseason home games at Yankee Stadium.

August 11, 1976 - New York Giants 16 - New York Jets 14

August 13, 1976 - Oakland Raiders 41 - New York Jets 17

August 28, 1976 - Washington Redskins 38 - New York Jets 7

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III. Brian In Boston is correct, and thanx for filling me in in the

other three home games the Jets played during the 1976 exhibtion season.

The Jets-Giants game, if I recalled correctly, was called off

in the third or fourth quarter due to tropical

storm winds caused by Hurricane Belle.

I. II. IV. and V. MBurmy had the correct answer to those.

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Round II Winning Isn't Everything A tribute to Vince Lombardi

I. What now defunct New Jersey High School did Vince Lombardi coach?

II. When Lombardi was an offensive coordinator with the New York Giants, a former New York Yankee/Giant Corner back turned defensive coordinator would later meet Lombardi

in a future NFL Playoff game. Name him.

III. Mount Carmel High School in South Central Los Angeles was named Vince Lombardi High School in what 1979 film?

IV. What was the motivational flim that Lombardi starred in 1968?

V. Aside from being Vince's grandson, what is Joe Lombardi's Super Bowl Connection?

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Round III Who am I Jersey Edition (apologies to infrared41)

I. While attending Colgate as a freshman, I was offered a contract with

the Philadelphia Phillies. My father objected to the offer, insisting that I persue

a law degree instead.

II..After graduating Wichita State, I was picked in the 7th round

by the Detroit Lions, but was never signed.

III. My first coaching was at Hastings University.

IV. I also coached at my alma mater Wichita State and Army.

V. While coaching at Army, I was an assistant coach to

Bobby Knight on the Army Basketball Team.

Who am I?

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Round V Five Super Bowl Rings

I. Which Super Bowl Players won a Heisman Trophy
and Played on a winning national Championship

II Who won the most Super Bowl rings as a non player?

III. Who has the most NFL Championship (Pre 1970) and Super Bowl

IV. Who had the most AFL Championship (Pre 1970) and Super Bowl Rings?

V. Who was the first player to put his SB ring up for sale?

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