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NBA Courts Tweaked by TheRealPepman


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Can you make the bulls paint all red including baselines

Which court? With the ball at the center or withOUT the ball at the center?

Lakers court all purple

Which court? The classic font or the one I did?

without the ball to give it a chicago stadium look

for the lakers the classic

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I'm interested to see what you do with the Mavs. Could you maybe work in some green in one version in anticipation of the 2015 rebrand?

I'll work on that later.

Can you fix some of the fonts on the courts

Already done. =) (Well, most of them)

And yeah, check out the first modified Bulls floor I did. I deleted the 4 Bulls logos that are placed beside the keys. Red ones will come up later.

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Can you make the wolves court all blue including baselines


Lakers court all purple


Can you make the bulls paint all red including baselines


Kings- can you use the sk logo for center court


Rockets- remove the logo by the key


Hawks- alternative logo for center and make baselines navy blue



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