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New Kansas basketball uniforms


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KU has had a couple of new hoops uni's this year and after seeing those new threads, it made me want to do a throwback set that mixed some old lettering and logos. This turned out to be a fun project particularly cleaning up the fierce 1946 Jayhawk which is a favorite of mine. I swapped out the old "KU" from the middle of that old '46 version with the same lettering on the main chest decoration that is from their 1988 era uniforms. In doing that it kind of created a new interlocking-esque KU logo that is also on the white home shorts. My taste is simple and traditional so they're nothing too new or too flashy. KU fans and all basketball fans, feel free to tell me what you think and what you may have done different.



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Big KU fan here. I think these are well done. Personally, I like that the athletic department has standardized its look, so I am fine with their Trajan font, but this would be fine. If these would be their regular uniforms, I think you would need to use their current Jayhawk. The K on the blue shorts and KU on the white shorts does seem odd. I would go with one or the other (I would go with KU). I like the Pay Heed badge.

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