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College Baseball 2014


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It's sad that the St. John's uniforms would even appear on the same page as those Oregon monstrosities.

It ranks up there with my favorite college baseball uniform:


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Georgia Tech with some gawd-awful unis tonight against Georgia. Light gray hats (maybe white), dark charcoal jerseys and pants, navy blue undershirts, and the number font the Colorado Avalanche use. Even the Tech wordmark looks to be the same as the alternate "Colorado" font.

Georgia has great unis, except the numbers have a drop shadow but the wordmark on the front is just red with regular outlines.

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one players stripe being on the cuff rather than a half inch off of it and saying it's "drastically different" is really making a mountain out of a mole hill, it was a mistake it happens all the time.

His entire jersey was different. The cut, cuff, everything. It only had 2 buttons while the others have much more. An inside source told me that it was a big difference in that sense.

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