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College Baseball 2014


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I don't follow college baseball as closely as many others do, so I have to ask: is Texas' mesh hat a piece of tradition or something? It looks strange and out of place in 2014 and it's really not that cool temperature-wise, or very lightweight for that matter.

They worn them for as long as I can remember esp since the mesh craze started in the 90's. I think it kinda goes with the lightweight 2 button henley they've worn too. They want something lightweight, breathable for the Texas heat.

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Can we find the Adidas designer who thinks of these and not kill or hurt in anyway but scare the ever living :censored: out of into not ever coming up with a design again

Yes. We can get the guy who hired him to fire him as well. These things are an embarrassment to baseball aesthetics.

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At least Mississippi State only wore them in the SEC tournament. They have sense enough not to wear them in the NCAA tournament like Louisville and UC Irvine. They did the same thing with the rainbow unis last year. Refused to wear them in the super regionals and in Omaha.

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