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Fantasy Football Keeper League


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I'd like to ask your opinions on which helmet/logo is better. I am responsible to the logo's of my league and any C&C would be appreciated.

*Background* This teams manager is a packers fan and obviously chose green and yellow - also choosing the name "Keeper Sutherland" - Keeper in reference to keeper league and Sutherland to... well Keifer Sutherland... I dont know why, other than a play on names/words.

So this was the result of my brainstorm year one opposed to year two.



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I appreciate all the comments. I'm usually not a fan of gradient helmets either, just tried something different - gave it a jags type of feel.Trying to make each team in the league a little different. I personally love the year one helmet, but the year two is such a contrast from one.

Let me know if you are ready for the next team

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