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College Lacrosse Has the Worst Uniforms: 2014 Edition


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The 2014 college lacrosse season gets underway today. Not much has leaked over the offseason, which is odd given how the past few Januarys have been with teams revealing stuff. There's been pics of pads and helmets and gloves here and there, but nothing too much of jerseys and shorts.

However, this pretty much just means that there's going to be a bit of a delay in the godawfulness that is most likely sure to come given every single uniform and equipment supplier's track record recently.

We'll start things off with Lehigh, who play their first game today against one of the newbies of D-1 lacrosse, Furman. Looks like they went with the same look as last season with Nike's standard template.


So yeah, use this thread for all things men's lacrosse uniforms, whether it be NCAA or major club lacrosse, and lets enjoy the trainwrecks together!

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I'm not sure if any of you all are aware but I actually play college lacrosse at a small D2 HBCU school here in Washington, DC.

This year will be UDC's first season and our head coach is Scott Urick. The same Scott Urick that set numerous records at Georgetown and still is the Hoyas alltime scoring leader. Also, he is the son of longtime Georgetown Head Coach David Urick.

I'm not pictured in this photo but my jersey number is 17 (a tribute former Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins). Also, my name is Brian Simpkins.


I didnt have a hand in what the uniforms looked like but I made sure there was no GFGS going on. We can wear black since it is in our official colors. But I have presented a plethora of concepts for future use to our coaches and it may actually be done.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I've learned so much from the Creamer boards ever since the age of 7, now I'm a freshman in college. And I appreciate each and every poster here especially, Discrim, Buc, ChrisClement, and ColorWerx. Without yall I wouldn't be the artist I am now. Thank you.

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:D I'm flattered...you're welcome Wizkid. Fittingly, you guys at UDC look like a lax version of the Skins. Towson...well, for those of you not stuck with dialup, be glad you're not me, the first pic's not showing up for me at the moment, so I'll just comment on the one that did: the black's alright, seems like they took a page out of Florida State's book with the patterened cuffs.

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methodist university has a first year d3 lacrosse program (they won their opener 23-3 today) - the uni's look pretty solid, but i wish they used the custom numbers and wordmark on the jersey's (the number on the helmet is the custom font) - i was told that nike only gives them a choice of like 3 stock fonts, but given the UDC uniforms posted above, that doesn't appear to be accurate information....

the gloves are gait, and they are pretty sweet


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Mega bump because Nike's got some new concept thingy that Syracuse will be wearing this weekend: a sleeveless jersey with an undershirt



It looks a little too football-ish but isn't too awful. Helmet looks very nice at the very least.

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At least the undershirt is over the shoulder pads. It drives me crazy when I see lacrosse teams practicing in tank tops with the shoulder pads exposed.


I prefer the exposed pads look, probably because i use to play and felt it so much less constricting and cooler in terms of the amount of air flow which actually gets under the pads that way
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