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Re-designed Calgary Flames "Flaming C' logo (fixed)

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I do like your redesign, but the Flames logo is classic, it's uncomplicated, and gets it's point across.

This is where I'm at, minus the greengrocer's apostrophe. Great craftsmanship on display here, no question, but I wouldn't change the Flaming C for all the tea in China. Understand that I drink a lot of tea, too.

I actually agree with you, (and I had to research the 'greengrocer's apostrophe' phrase).

But, from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, the existing Flames' C isn't nearly as well designed as the old Atlanta version.

The flow isn't there, and some of the flames appear 'bent'. It doesn't have the layers or depth that you get with a real flame.

I tried to give it a little more motion and realism...



However, there's a lot of history and sentiment wrapped up in that quirky old 'C'.

It's got a Stanley Cup attached to it. (the white version does).

I always envision Lanny with his 'stache, and Fleury doing the knee slide when I see that logo.

So, Ant's's a classic...

But not so much for its looks.

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i get that you were trying to make it realistic but it looks more like red and yellow fur on a wild dog/bear

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