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College Arena Football League


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While I enjoy making concepts, I really can't make logos, so I wanted to try something college themed. I decided on Arena Football. All the schools in these concepts do not sponsor D1 football. The advantage to creating an arena team over a non-arena league team is:

-Less scholarships (Easier to comply with title IX)

-Less cost

-Teams already have arenas (Their basketball arenas)

Until I find a good template for a field though you really can't tell they're arena teams, and even then there's really not a ton of difference.

Here are the conferences/teams that will play arena football. Some are real (albeit edited) conferences, others are not. AFC stands for Arena Football Conference.

Big West Conference

Cal State Fullerton (Page 2)

Cal State Northridge


UC Irvine

UC Riverside

UC Santa Barbara (Page 3)


San Fransisco


Loyola Marymount

Great Plains AFC

Cleveland State (Page 4)





Oral Roberts


Wichita State



Big East


Xavier (Page 1)


St. Johns

Marquette (Page 4)




George Mason

George Washington


UNC Wilmington

College of Charleston
St. Joes

UNC Greensboro

St. Bonaventure

Southern AFC

Florida Gulf Coast

North Kentucky

North Florida (Page 3)

UT Arlington


Texas A&M Corpus Christi

UNC Asheville

North Eastern AFC

Binghamton (Page 3)


Boston U


Loyola MD


Mt. Saint Mary's

UMASS Lowell

I am open for suggestions about adding teams/moving teams.

Teams play up to 14 regular season games, and the season will conclude with an 8 team tournament. Every conference champion gets an invite. Arena Football is slightly less taxing than normal football (Based off the logic that the AFl plays more games than the NFL), so that's why there's more games.

Here is my first concept:

Xavier Musketeers (Home Arena: Cintas Center 10,250 cap)


There will also be a white and gray uniform, but I figure I'd rather only have to make one set of changes after some C&C.

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Can you post the blank template of this

It's not really mine, I combined a few items from the paint thread, but here ya go. The helmet is colored BC that's how it came and I'm lazy, and for X I cut out the back pair of pants because there's nothing on them.ObHWvMG.png

Cool idea! Xavier looks good but I would like to see the sword on the pants like a stripe.

I thought about it, but I liked using the same striping throughout the uniform. The grey-white-blue-white grey is how the X logo is, so I put it on the helmet and pants.

I added a sword to the undershirt, not sure it worked.

Add Hofstra and Mt. Saint Mary's... they use to offer D1 Football


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I know Fullerton doesn't really use the elephant logo anymore, but I like it. The issue I have is it looks sorta like the Broncos. I was using the curvy things to be like tusks, but when it was all said and done, it seemed a little too close to Denver. I changed the shoulder colors to try and differentiate it.


The Xavier set as a whole looks very good and the sword on the undershirt is a nice touch.


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I like how the shoulder stripes resemble tusks!

Agreed on the earlier comment on replacing the roundel on the sleeve with just the f. Also, the f on the pants would look better if it was higher up.

I would also consider a different font for the numbers - seems kind of generic. I'd also consider either ditching the black outline (there's no black anywhere else on the uniform) or replacing it with a white outline.

This is an excellent idea for the non-football D1 schools!!

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Cal-State Fullerton Update:

-Removed circle, enlarged F on the sleeve (FWIW the roundel thing is their primary)

-Made #Outline White

-Slightly tweaked number font

-Added stripe to the pants

-Made sleeve collars orange


I also have no idea where they'd play, as their basketball gym only seats 4,000 and is probably too small to fit an arena football field, but that's kind of irrelevant to the concept.

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I like UCSB! But I have a few suggestions. First, our teams usually use a lot more white, and less yellow. I'm not feeling the yellow helmet, either. And how would this logo look on the helmet? I feel like it may flow better:


And then the little Zorro dude can go on the collar.

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I think you're done with Fullerton.

As far as UCSB goes, I really like the helmet logo. Very unique. I like the different colors and how you used them. The only thing bugging me is the very top of the pants. Not sure why, probably just because it wont be seen very much. But it just seems a bit over kill for me.

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