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UHL - An Alternate Fantasy Hockey League


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First, I want to thank Crash for inspiring me to do this.

Several years ago (8 to be exact) I had the idea to write a story chronicling a rookie catcher's first season in the majors. As the story evolved and I moved to BC, MLB became a fictional hockey league. I got more and more engrossed with the back story and history of the league rather than the original story. After creating several leagues and numerous frustrated writing sessions, I wound up shelving the idea (tho I occasionally dusted it off). Crash's CFA fantasy football league has made me think it's time to have another go.

How this will work:

Initially there will be 8 teams based in 8 different regions. Regions will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. Last to choose will be first to determine their franchises city. Once cities are determined, owners will submit team names. In choosing team names, please refrain from current NHL/AHL/ECHL/CHL/CJHL names. However, defunct names (Hartford Whalers, Brooklyn Americans) are more than welcome. The league will vote on whether to approve a team name or not. The process will then be repeated for team logos. When the teams are set, the league will expand by 8 teams and restart the process, with the goal to have 16 teams.

After a members team is determined, the member will be responsible for coming up with the team history. (I will be doing the league history) The intent is to have fun with this so it is up to the member to decide how interesting (like the story of the 1919-20 Hamilton Tigers) or mundane (the origin of the Montreal Maroons' moniker) you want your team to be.

Each member will be a voting member on league policies.

The league will run on Yahoo!

If interested, either comment here or PM me.

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Pittsburgh Keystones

Originally established as the first non-Canadian professional hockey team in 1891, the Keystones were a regular contender against the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Hockey Club in the Challenge Cup era of the Stanley Cup. However with the advent of the NHA, the Keystones fell onto hard times as they were denied entrance into the league. Despite the Great Depression and two World Wars, the Keystones managed to put up a remarkable string of league championships in the American Hockey Association. The Keystones merged with the Pittsburgh Hornets of the AHL when the AHA folded in 1947. When the Hornets began to falter financially, the Keystones ownership pulled the plug on the merger, and the Hornets folded the year after. When the Pittsburgh Penguins were created with the NHL Expansion of 1967, the Keystones were relegated to second rate in the city. Beginning play in the IHL in 1970, the Keystones proceeded to dominate the new league. The Keystones would remain largely successful in the IHL until the league folded in 2000, leaving the team without a league. With the Penguins vacating the Civic Arena that year, the Keystones now had large enough accommodations to hold high level hockey. After an extensive renovation of the arena, which now rivals the best of the NHL, the Keystones would begin play once again during the inaugural season of the UHL. The Keystones, after becoming the league’s first champions, would slip and become a middle of the pack team in recent years.


Stanley Cups: 5 (1896, 1897, 1900, 1903, 1904)

AHA Championships: 11 (1929, 1930, 1933, 1934, 1936, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1947)

Calder Cups (AHL) : 2 (1951, 1954)

Turner Cups (IHL) : 5 (1970, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1976)

UHL Championships: 1 (2004)

Leading Scorer (Franchise): Jean Pronovost (1967-1982)

Leading Goaltender (Franchise): Dominik Hasek (1981-1991)

Retired Numbers: Jean Pronovost (19) Dominik Hasek (39) Michel Briere (21)

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