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NHL Alternate Project (1/30) by Migrating Toast


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Hello all,

In this topic I will begin my NHL Alternate Jersey Project. I will create an original alternate jersey for all 30 teams and I will give an explanation for each jersey.

After my initial jersey I will go in alphabetical order starting with Anaheim (already in progress)

I would love to here your guys ideas and criticisms of my work.

Thanks again.


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For my first jersey I present my Pittsburgh Penguins white alternate jersey


The design of this jersey is based on the 90's white alternate jersey that the Penguins used to wear. However this one includes a simpler striping system and use of the updated color scheme

I also added the city of Pittsburgh crest on the shoulders to add a bit more character.

I really like the simple diagonal text used by the Rangers on their jersey, and of course by the Pens in their old throw backs. Mixed with the new color scheme I think it turned out decently.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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